Rustic Hiking Sticks(4.5 foot) lacquer finished.Each stick is different due to the amount of barkand inherited character of the individual native tree from which it is made. Our craftsmen hand work the finish of each hiking stick and cane to insure our quality standards.

  Price(each)/   Rustic Hiking 
  Quantity           Stick/Cane 
 1 Dozen                 $4.25 
 2 Dozen                  4.00 
 4 Dozen                  3.75 
      100                     3.35 
      250                     3.20 

These medallions are used to commemorate events and are very special to those who collect mementos of their experience. We can assist you in designing a unique  tag. Start now building great memories that can be passed from generation to generation. Hiking stick medallions can be engraved, "Full Color" Stamped or Cloissonne.

Engraved & "Full Color" Hiking Stick Medallions
The engraved medallions are aluminum or brass to capture your design. The "Full Color" medallions are actual art or photos permanently affixed to aluminum. These have adhesive backing and are packed with two (2) nails for mounting. Size is approximately 1.5 x 1.5 inches.  Colors available are brass, silver or copper, or white with black engraving, and brass or aluminum with black, red,  blue, green, maroon, purple, and other colors (check on availability).

Stamped & Cloisonne Hiking Stick Medallions
The stamped and cloisonne are only available in larger quantities. The stamped medallions are like those foun all over europe and are in high relief.  The cloisonne are a newer style and can have up to four colors at no additional cost. They are packed with two (2) nails for mounting. Size is approximately 1.5 x 1.5 inches. 

                          Engraved         Full Color        Stamped        Cloisonne
  Price(each)/   Hiking Stick    Hiking Stick    Hiking Stick   Hiking Stick
  Quantity          Medallions      Medallions       Medallions    Medallions 
 1 Dozen                 $1.75                $2.00                N/A                N/A
 2 Dozen                   1.60                  1.90                N/A                N/A 
 4 Dozen                   1.50                  1.80                N/A                N/A
  100                         1.40                  1.55                N/A                N/A
  250                         1.30                  1.35               $1.95             $1.56

Stock Tags (50 States) 
Minimum 12 (mix or match)  $ 1.25
(All 50 States)

Wood Badge (Pictures of Tags)
Minimum 12 (mix or match)  $ 1.25 

Note: $10.00 for art preparation may be added for original art or when furnished art must  be redrawn. 

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